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I rode a horse last Sunday afternoon. The female horse’s name Mariya. It was a sunny and warm day, so I was lucky when I rode Mariya’s back. At the beginning, the owner led me then I rode her by myself. Sometime I scary when I went down the slope, but I enjoyed riding her back along the Asakawa river.Its a first experiment to ride by western style. I prefer western to the British. The place is near my home so id like to see Mariya and the owner Rie-san again. I also  the lunch meals which she cooks using organic veges.



my new T-shirt #cat #stuff #monshiocat knit cap #purple #cap #handmade #nanamania #編んでもらった帽子 #にゃんにゃんの日に届くなんて
I’m a cat person. Three cats are my family. Moreover, I collect cat-relative goods  a lot. Recently I bought this T-shirt and a cap. Both of them are not only cute also cool! I really like the cap creator’s works so I will buy more her works. The creator’s site is  nana*mania And Id like to donate or support to help cats and animal, when I buy goods.
Whats hell? snowed in November in tachikawa #snow #weather #abnormal_weather #寒いよ多摩地区Autumn colors above the river





We often have unusual weather these days. End of last month we had snow in Tokyo. It’s too early,

Anyway the last month of 2016 Enjoy wiinter